About Me


Hi, I’m Kristina from Southern NJ and I started JerseyOrganic. I created this blog to document my journey each growing season, as I am an avid kitchen gardener practicing organic growing methods. When I first started gardening I knew I’d have to take notes to refer to in the future and was filling notebooks with notes, so I figured a blog to be the best solution. Plus, I get to take pictures and post them for all to see.

Outside of gardening I work full time as a Business Analyst in the Mortgage Industry here in NJ. When off I prefer to be outside; fishing, hiking, boating, camping, photography, cooking(and eating) and relaxing.
A few years ago Chuck and I bought our first house and the very first thing I did was put him to work building my vegetable garden. I could not be doing any of this without Chuck! Besides spending every waking moment working on our home, he has, without complaint, dedicated Sundays to building garden beds, loading soil, tilling the earth and supporting me 100 percent. I know all this hard work and effort will pay off as we are both excited to see what the new growing season brings.
I hope my findings will help other novice gardeners gain the knowledge and know-how to obtain a bounty and stay motived. Each year brings new lessons and I look forward to sharing them. I welcome all feedback so please let me know what you think!

In addition to blogging about gardening, we also wanted to document our travels around the US. I hope you enjoy all areas and find this information useful, so that you can garden or travel and enjoy as we do!

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