Posted by: JerseyOrganic | July 8, 2015

Hello old friends! Yearly Update

Its happened again. My last post was nearly a year a ago; July 14th 2014 to be exact. I have been upset with myself for not posting, but it is hard to find the time. That said, I work from home two days a week now, and theres no reason why I can’t post every now and then. The thing is, there is not that much to report on!

In my personal life, things are fantastic! I got TWO promotions in the past year! plus, working from home two days week (makes it a lot easier to garden before after work!) I may have bought myself a little congratulatory gift…


We went to Mexico for a ‘honeymoon do-over’; still hurting too much to visit Shenandoah again. Then I needed a NP in my life again so we went to Florida to visit friends and hit the Ever

glades and Biscayne NP! I will be sure to post about them later..maybe later today.

Like every year, I started my seeds indoor starting in January. Unlike years past, I have regularly fertilized with Bat Guano on the seedlings and transplants. This has proven to be effective as my plants have grown much larger than years past! I have also planted way more seeds than I have before. Succession crops of corn, string beans, radishes, turnips, lettuce, pole beans, and the list goes on.

Now that I am in my 5th year of backyard gardening, its getting easier. I will share my excel file like I did last year, which is conditionally formatted to tell me what to plan and when, as well as when to harvest. I’ve learned that my busy months are when the seedlings are young and under the light. (It also makes vacationing impossible between February and May) Below I have shots of my plants from seed to present. Luckily, the garden is thriving and in another week I should have an abundance of home grown organic vegetables.

So, now that I gave an update there are some other things I wanted throw out there. In the past year, I have visited 3 National Parks; my first National Parks. These experiences truly changed who I am and how I think. All I can think about is the Wilderness. When I think about my plans for the future, I am torn between travel and homesteading. Can I have both?

I am thinking about taking JerseyOrganic in a different direction… I don’t want to limit this blog to posts about just my garden. Yes, I need to document the growth of my garden and the fails and wins but I also want to start to document all the amazing places that I get to experience.

Enjoy the garden pictures below. I think my next post will surely be about my recent NP trips and hiking adventures. Perhaps, I’ll even revamp this blog. JerseyOrganicAdventures anyone?

2015 Growing Schedule



January, seeds and light- check

January, seeds and light- check


The beds in early Spring. Planted under the row covers are spinach, lettuce, carrots, turnips, and radishes.


Late March in the grow room. Everything’s getting big!


New grow light makes everything yellow but really brought the plants to life!


Before picture of lettuces


After picture of lettuces. This crop lasted for nearly two months! outside too


I put a whole egg an a banana (or an egg and whatever) in th whole prior to planting my tomatoes. Also, lots of organic matter and nice rich soil.


Little lettuces


New garden with zucchini, corn, pole beans, and cantaloupes. Three sisters method. This was taken at planting, in late May.

These pictures were taken today-


The herb garden. Also tomatoes up a trellis. Carrots, cukes, lettuce, etc.




Baby watermelons!


Corn, cukes, zuchinni, pole beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes.




Corns, should be my first successful year.


biggest zucchini ever!


Dozens of yellow squash




pole beans growing up corn


Spaghetti Squash


Entire bed of string beans, succession plantings. Plus four cucumber plants.


Radish, Basil, cabbages


Super Sioux Tomatoes


Tomatoes growing in cages. I did not cut back any shoots and there are WAY more tomatoes!


Carrots, beans, corn growing down border.


Cantaloupes, my favorite.


My first Cantaloupe.


Sicilian Fig Tree


Today’s Harvest! Tomatoes (super sioux, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak), Cukes, Zuchinni, Jalapeño, Cherry Peppers

I will leave you with this-


Next time, Mexico Honeymoon 2014!



  1. I vote for adventure postings! I’ve never been to the Everglades or Biscayne Bay (and they are on the to-go-to list), so I’d love to hear about them. Did you do the glass bottom boat tour? Go on an alligator boat right? How bad are the bugs in the Everglades?

    I’m super impressed will your homesteading skills, I have five pine trees in a can that I keep forgetting to plant, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten since I moved in to my first house nine months ago. Maybe next Spring I’ll start digging up a garden…

    • I’ll be sure to post about Florida soon then!
      Thank you for the compliment, its all trial and error. All my trees die lol

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