Posted by: JerseyOrganic | June 22, 2014

Hellos and Goodbyes.

Hello Summer   It’s been some time since my last post…I’d like to say its because I was off on my honeymoon in the beautiful mountains of Virginia but there’s more to it… Yes, Hubby and I were on a real vacation (our first real vacation in about 9 yearsand on day three we got an urgent phone call. At the base of the mountain, in the hills of the Shenandoah Valley, we received word that my father-in-law suffered a massive heart attack and was being taken to the hospital. We rushed to the cabin, gathered our things, and frantically started the drive back to New Jersey. We ended up making it to the hospital around midnight. Unfortunately we lost 94 (thats what we called him) on 6/3/2014, only 60 years of age.   Goodbye
For there is no death, only a changing of worlds

Sparing the details, the next week was filled with overwhelming emotion, arrangements, family and loved ones, and thus the funeral. It’s still hard to believe, even two weeks later. He will be greatly missed by many but never forgotten.
During all the commotion I immediately got sick with some sort of virus and was sick for about a week, it still lingers….and now back at work. THAT is why I have not blogged.

During all this time, my garden was forgotten. Well, I didn’t forget… it was burning in my mind.. the Peas, the Beets, the Radishes!!!! Bolting lettuce, bolting Broccoli Rabbe, and Peas that had no sweetness left in them! ! ! But you know what, it’s okay. Not the end of the world. I took some time and got to work back in the garden. It was quite calming, healing, helping….

So in regards to the veggie garden, there has been a lot of progression. Now that Summer is upon us, let me take you on a tour..

The peas have grown nicely up the trellis and are still going strong. I did remove the screens as the the trees aren’t dropping seeds anymore. Plus, its easier to harvest the peas. Try to harvest peas in the AM, when the pods have grown with defined peas inside. Eat, or blanch to freeze immediately or like corn, their sugars will turn to starch. In fact, as soon as you harvest peas they start to get starchy. Small peas will be sweeter than larger peas and whatnot.


Tomatoes are getting massive!! Taller than me already 😛 Peppers are also fruiting and I think there will be a bounty this year. The cukes are also growing like crazy. The ‘Sumpter’ pickling variety are still small, but have little cukes on them. The ‘Straight 8’s’ have grown about 7′ already up the trellis; no fruit yet.

(tomatoes and peppers)

Jersey Organic                                                  Cukes are feet taller than me!
IMG_2519                             Sumpters on Left, Straight 8’s on the Right

IMG_2543                                                          Sumpters for pickling

IMG_2525                                                  In the strawberry patch….

IMG_2528                         Hot peppers growing- Jalapeños, Cherry Peppers and Long Hots

I’ve had quite a lot of strawberries but a lot of them are getting eaten by Sap Feeding Beetles. Currently, all ripe fruit was harvested and the plants are flowering again. I think by the time these fruit, the sap beetles will have already left the area. We will see…

Corn is browning well in the green house and the garden however the plants in the greenhouse already have tassels. This is super exciting because I have never been able to grow corn successfully. I think hothouses and row covers are the trick.. I will need to plant more next year.

Lets see, what else… I planted another succession of string beans today. They will be going string all season, in a 5×4 bed.


I have harvest a lot of food already.. the Spring Harvest. Lettuce, radishes, beets, spinach, string beans, all the herbs, strawberries!


I had just enough String Beans for dinner and made a beautiful salad from the greens mentioned above (with carrot greens too) with roasted beets, glazed pecans, goat cheese, red onion, and a champagne vinaigrette.

This morning I actually canned some Jam. I LOVE this jam. Homemade freshly canned strawberry blackberry jam and blueberry strawberry raspberry jam. I’m still working on a set recipe, so when I figure it out I’ll post it.



It feels really good to be back in the kitchen prepping and accomplishing things in the garden.
























  1. It is hard to focus on the garden and the jams after the lead in. Sorry and condolences on the loss of your fatther-in-law.

  2. Thank you for your sympathy Mark, its appreciated. Thank you for reading as well 🙂

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