Posted by: JerseyOrganic | April 14, 2014

So my sister asked what organic really means…

🙂 I think this is a good time to discuss this word, especially since this blog is called JerseyOrganic. Organic, in regards to agriculture, has multiple definitions-

Organic farming: agriculture conducted according to certain standards, especially the use of stated methods of fertilization and pest control
Organic certification: accreditation process for producers of organic products
Organic horticulture: the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture
Organic food: food produced from organic farming methods and often certified organic according to organic farming standards
Organic movement: movement of organizations and individuals promoting organic farming and organic food

My husband and I, through JerseyOrganic are part of the organic movement. We strive to live an organic lifestyle consuming only what we can grow; in hopes to one day live off the land completely on our (future) homestead. That being said, not all products are readily available as non-gmo or organic… so it’s tough to do but people are catching on.

I mentioned non-gmo, as this is really what we care about.

By definition, Genetically modified organisms is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods.

The word organic can be slapped on any product who’s owner is willing to pay the large sum to the USDA to be labeled as such. I am not interested in labels – as they lie.
For instance, peanut butter can be “all natural” because the ingredients are just peanuts, sugar, and oil. BUT because it’s natural and not organic, than the seed itself was genetically modified. The plants were still sprayed, and that ‘sugar’ is actually derived from genetically engineered Sugar Beets (most likely) which are also sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.
Another example is people think because you can peel a banana, it’s okay because the spray was on the outside… But what about the seed itself? GMO?

If it’s non-gmo than it’s guaranteed that chemicals weren’t used and the seeds weren’t compromised. I’m talking heirloom seeds decades old, the food your grandparents ate; pre Monsanto.
This is where things get heavy…
Have you seen what agent orange did those living in Vietnam during the war and present? The terrible impact that these chemicals had on young developing children, pregnant mothers, and all people effected?
Have you SEEN the images ?
I could go into detail but I will spare you…

Per an article on
August 10, 2011 marks 50 years since Agent Orange was first used by the US military in its war against Vietnam. Agent Orange was used for a decade, but its effects persist to this day, with three generations of exposed Vietnamese families and American veterans suffering from horrific birth defects and disabilities.

The 50th anniversary of Agent Orange will not be acknowledged with regrets or reparations by the US government or the American chemical companies, primarily Monsanto and Dow, who profited from its production and use.

Monsanto and Dow contaminated the land of Vietnam, destroyed the forests, killed, maimed, and crippled millions of people, but never admitted responsibility or paid a cent in compensation to the victims and their families.

Instead, Monsanto and Dow continue to profit from their poisons. In fact, they are currently seeking approval for genetically modified crops that can withstand massive doses of 2,4-D, one of the herbicides used in Agent Orange.
And now, scientific evidence is mounting that Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide RoundUp also causes birth defects. A new generation of babies born near fields of “RoundUp Ready” (genetically modified) soy in Argentina are suffering birth defects as terrible as those found in the Agent Orange contaminated areas of Vietnam. A new report published this month alleges that regulators and the pesticide industry have long known about the RoundUp-birth-defect link – some for more than two decades – but kept the details hidden from the general public.

According to the report, co-authored by a number of scientists and published by Earth Open Source, Monsanto’s Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, causes birth defects as well as “endocrine disruption, damage to DNA, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and cancer” at amounts equivalent to pesticide residue found on produce. END

So after the war, these companies were able to extract chemicals and use them on crops. For the last 30-40 years we have been spraying and consuming Gmos without knowing the long term risks. And this is the argument used by advocates for conventional growing methods. Insane right??
There are so many interesting things you can read online. Just today I read that more recent studies show GMOs are being found in breast milk!
No wonder why allergies, mental and physical development in children, and other medical issues are becoming more and more common…
Read articles from around the globe- you will learn GMOs aren’t tolerated in most countries, even 3rd world countries fear the impact of engineered crops.
There is so much light to shed on the effects of GMOs and this wasn’t a rant on how evil Monsanto is, or how more people should eat organic..
I really wanted to just get this out there. This is the reasoning as to why chuck and I (and subsequently our families) are choosing to lead an organic lifestyle. It’s healthier, I FEEL better and don’t get sick anymore for no reason- may I say after 20 years of chronic stomach issues.
We are fulfilled by growing our own food and knowing exactly what we put in our bodies.
I urge you to research and read about the differences between conventional and organic. Don’t believe everything you read, you never know who owns the company who wrote the article and who has bias opinions. Please let me know if you have any questions.
I hope my sis now understands! 😛


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