Posted by: JerseyOrganic | April 8, 2014

April Showers

Happy April! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are coming up, its raining..and raining.. but that is okay because my hubby and I have spent every second inside working on the new bathroom instead of out in the gardens! 😛
This was a HUGE project for us being it is our only bathroom and luckily the timing worked out. We took off of work for a week and completely gutted and remodeled the bathroom. It was stressful of course because we didn’t have the proper facilities for a whole week. Special thank you to my parents who let us use their shower as late as 11 pm on a weeknight. We really pulled some long, long days but in the end it was well worth it. I will post pics of the bathroom project just for fun when we finish up this weekend.

Anyway, all my seedlings have been under the light growing away and the only maintenance needed was watering every other night. Because the bathroom has been a distraction, I worry I will fall behind with other chores..another project for early spring is yard clean up. A few weeks ago I got a head start and spend some hours outside doing the leaves and getting the vegetable beds ready. There is still plenty to do out in the flower gardens, all the bulbs are starting to appear.  I did finally manage to get the Peas and Spinach in the ground, it was about a week after St. Patty’s Day.



Karina Peas.jpg


Its about time to get the black plastic down on the beds to retain heat and keep the whirlybirds out. As long as the plastic goes down before the seeds start falling from the trees, than its fine to wait. Also, before we transplant and harden off our plants I’d like to pick up some straw to mulch the strawberries and lay down in between the beds. I will also need to mound all my flower beds and get them in order before mulch time. It will also be time to prep the herb garden 🙂

This past Saturday I spent a few hours in the growroom. It was time to transplant the tomatoes into larger sized pots and put all the plants on the floor under the light. I also turned on the light rail system so that all the plants get the appropriate lighting. The Light Rail allows the ballast to glide over your plants spreading light further than stationary systems.

Light on Track

Light on Track

You can see below that the plants are getting bigger and there is no room left on the table. At this point, the light is only 13.5″ above the plants and I don’t want to compromise them. I removed the table and now all the plants are on the floor. Subsequently the light has been lowered to 14″ above the plants, and thats that.

Veggies Under Light.jpg

Little Plants! Lettuce, Cukes, Jalapeños

Plants under light

To transplant the tomatoes just remove them from the 4″ pots and place them in larger pots, then back fill with moist soil. Put the tomato base at the bottom of the new pot, or as deep as you can go. Any covered stems will grow rooms and make for stronger plants. This is also a good time to feed the plants and they won’t need food or to be transplanted again until they go outside.

Tomato Plants -Left: Transplanted  Right: 4" Pot

Tomato Plants -Left: Transplanted Right: 4″ Pot

It’s super exciting to see all the seedlings grow, especially the new plants I am trying this year. First year with beets and radishes, as well as corn and carrots indoors. The reason I wanted to try carrots inside is because they are one of my favorite plants to grow, but if you don’t have deep dug soil, than you wont get beautiful straight carrots. My issue is the neighbors Silver Maple tree. These trees (the ones with the whirleybirds) have shallow root systems that spread out widely. All the root suckers weave through any root crops and steal all the water; not ideal. This is what happens when you try to stick a veggie garden in a suburban backyard…
I am also trying carrots in a gallon sized pot in hopes I can just grow them right in there. I may do a bed of pots outside with carrots, that way no suckers can get in. If this works I might adapt this idea to potatoes and asparagus in future. As for corn, the one year I tried corn they were ravaged when they were about 3 feet tall by a raccoon. Thought I would start them indoors and see what happens.. If I decide to put them outside, I will have to come up with a plan to protect them.

I have high hopes for this season.
Until next time..








  1. Wow! I envy the amount of space you have. And your seedlings look fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing the garden’a progress! 😊🌱

    • Thanks so much for visiting my site and for the compliment! 🙂

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