Posted by: Jersey Organic | February 15, 2014

Plan, planning, planned

Hi 2014, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.. Busy at work, busy with life- but growing season is about to begin, so I’m back!
Things are different now that I work full time and it seems like every weekend is filled anymore. I can’t promise daily or weekly posts, but in order to properly garden, IMO, you need to note how the season went. What went wrong? What seeds produced bigger yields? Why did my jalapeños grow sweet? I want to get back in the swing of posting on this blog, and it’s starting now, as growing season starts next Saturday.

Looking at past posts, I always start posting in May. That is certainly too late. Although it’s snowing, something fierce, I’ve already begin planning. (My favorite thing to do!)


Let’s start at the beginning. Plan your germination site.

Under the basement steps is the perfect spot for me. It’s dark but there is light if needed and have two heat mats, which is adequate enough for the amount of seeds I plant. Nearby is water and the grow room.
Remember, not everyone needs a setup like this. If you’re just staring out and are planning on two tomato plants, a few pepper plants, a cuke or two and some herbs than you don’t need a grow room! Save all the money and grab 5$ organictransplants in spring from a reputable garden center. If your from South Jersey, always carries certified organic plants, but not many places do.

Back to germination…
Now that you have a dark, warm area to start your seeds it’s time to put a game plan together.
The big question is what do you want to grow? Below is a spreadsheet off all the plants I now grow. Looking at this I know that tomatoes need to be started next Saturday!
Today I went out to the local hydroponic store and purchased bags of starter soil. This is light and airy but filled with essential nutrients that will last until I transplant into 4 inch pots.

If you are unsure of what to plant and need detailed information I suggest purchasing The Vegetable Gardeners Bible. This has been the only book I’ve needed in all the years I’ve been gardening. You should also visit if Organic Seeds are not available locally. Coincidentally, Bjs Wholesale sells Seeds Of Change Microwavable rice, thats amazing… quality stuff.

So do your research and pick your favorites. Buy your organic seeds and come back next week and we’ll get them in the dirt.
Then we can talk about The Grow Room and light setup.



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