Posted by: JerseyOrganic | May 9, 2013

A long hiatus but back for good

So I have been gone from this blog for a very, VERY long time. Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes and prevents you from doing the things you love and enjoy. That being said, I have to focus on JerseyOrganic as being a diary of sorts as opposed to a blog I want the world to see. If I have followers and I can help gardeners learn and grow better vegetable gardens then that is absolutely wonderful, but at the very least I need to keep track of what I’m growing, when I’m growing it, and how I can grow things better each year thereafter.
It’s a new growing season, and I’m very excited. I’ve started all my seeds indoors this past February from seeds saved last season. This year I’ve cut it back a bit from 300 seedlings to about 100. I have been very busy with work and fear I cannot take care of a HUGE garden this year..
This is not my best indoor grow year as I had my light too far from my seedlings and the plants are not growing as big as they did in years past. That being said, as long as I give them the proper water and nutrients and sunlight, and hardening off properly, they will grow just fine in the garden.
Anyway, I’m growing all different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, string beans, every herb imaginable, as well as some other things here and there.



I will be hardening tomatoes, cukes, and peppers off this week to go in the ground around Memorial Day! It’s unseasonably cool for the third week in May but I look forward to getting all my transplants in the garden, I know it’s going to be a great year.
So far out in the garden I’ve planted sweet peas, strawberries are growing strong and are ready to fruit, and string beans will get their first succession planning this very weekend. Because of the unseasonable coolness that lasted well into March I pushed back planning my peas by nearly three weeks. Usually this is done around or on St. Patricks day but I believe there was snow that weekend hence the delay. Additionally this weekend I will be planning spinach, lettuce in a shady area, as well as some carrots and herbs. It will also be time to check my drip irrigation lines to make sure there’s no holes and everything is flowing as it should be. Once Memorial Day comes it will be all systems go!!
I am very excited to be back in the game. Documenting everything from planting seeds, to when they propagate, to when they go in the ground is very important to help me grow as a home gardener. I want to be able to provide for myself and Chuck as much as I can this year. I promise, there will be more to come!



  1. Thank you for the post. Have you ever planted cucumber seeds directly in the ground? Is it too early to do that now?

    I’m from south Jersey, too, and hope to network with organic gardeners in the area.


    • Hi Joe- glad to hear your a local using organic methods. To answer your question, it’s actually better to put cucumber seeds directly in the ground because the roots are so sensitive. Try to plant the seeds in a bed where the soils been heated by the sun. Ideally in this area, we should sow anytime after last frost. That being said everything was delayed this year by a few weeks, so you are okay to plant now. Try to grow up a fence or trellis and
      water heavy from flowering to harvest.
      Cucumbers grow bountiful in this area. Good luck- let me know how it goes

      • I have stakes and chicken wire that will make for a four-foot-high trellis. Is that high enough, or do I need to somehow extend that?

        The way I plan on configuring it, cucumbers will go up four feet and then down four feet on the other side. The same is true for Tahitian winter squash elsewhere in the garden.


      • Hey Joe- I think you are going to make out just fine with your configuration. See how it goes and make adjustments for next year… But I think if you can grow them over the side of the trellis like you plan you’ll have no problems.

  2. Thank you. I planted Armenian Cucumber seeds Sunday and will build a four-foot trellis sometime this week or on the weekend.

    My soil has a lot of clay, but I mixed in some organic soil builder. I hope I put in enough.

    I’ll let you know what happens.


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