Posted by: JerseyOrganic | November 2, 2011

My extended vacation…and my appologies

 I know, I know.. I have been missing in action for over 2 months! I’m sorry, I have not bailed out, just busy; as life does happen.
In August Chuck and I went on a two week vacation:) We went to Atlantic City for one week and enjoyed the Atlantic Ocean, and the other week we took day trips. One of which was to the ever inspiring Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.







I made it to the Gardens just in time. Shortly after we got our first frost here in South Jersey. Actually the entire east coast got slammed Halloween weekend with a snow storm. I was however able to get into the garden and harvest the last of my tomatoes and peppers. Even the green tomatoes went into a brown paper bag on my counter and after a week they were perfectly ripe. Everything else had previously stopped fruiting, so they all just died back with the frost.
Carrots however are certainly something I will be growing again and with ease. If you have a raised bed and are able to have it covered for a portion of the summer, carrots are for you.
I cut off the green about an inch above the carrot and placed them in a large Ziploc bag with some holes for circulation. These little guys will last for months in the crisper! and they taste better than any carrot you have ever had.






So now that everything is harvested,  and frost came, my backyard looks go.. dingy. I look at my garden in anticipation for  next year.  Even though things were great this year, next year will be different. It will be bigger and better. I am already devising a plan to set in motion after the New Year.
It feels really good to be back at JerseyOrganic; I really missed it these past few months. 
Even though winter is coming, I do not plan to stop posting. I will be cooking up a storm using greens and veggies from the garden that I saved by canning or freezing, as well as fall and winter crops.


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