Posted by: JerseyOrganic | July 25, 2011

I’m sorry I disappeared.

July was a rough one. After my tomato end rot issues AS WELL AS squash bugs killing my zucchini I fell into a slump. Feeling defeated and as if I put all that hard work, time, and effort and this is what happens!?

But what can you do? Its time I pick my head up and stop stressing out. I might have lost my zucchini, corn, and romas but I’ve been growing an abundance of string beans, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno and pepperoncinis, and carrots! I can not assume my garden is going to be like Longwood Gardens, its my second year! Like Chuck told me. ‘ This is only your second year and the garden is doing 100 times better than it did last year. So learn from your mistakes and do even better next year!’ He is totally right. I mean, My tomatoes are 10 feet tall, I have HUGE carrots, lovely string beans, endless amounts of jalapeno and baby onions. So what my romas didn’t work out, I’ll just plant a different variety next year.

Besides, it’s only July 25. My cukes are halfway up the fence and starting to produce little cucumbers. My bell peppers have flowers ALL over the place, and my potato plants have almost died back. Not sure if  it’s too early for them to be dying back but whatever lets just see what happens. I know there are little baby potatoes down in that dirt.

Heres some pictures of whats thriving in the garden as of today!






Pumpkins are THRIVING. My one plant has taken over the small area its in and already producing decent size pumpkins. I have never grown pumpkins before and am excited to know that I’ll be saving money on fall decorations.

Speaking of money.. I have been selling Jam at work in a little basket for 7 bucks a jar and sold out my first day! Today I’ll be labeling the rest of my jars and bringing them in all week to sell. Perfect time  for a little extra cash before we go on vacation next week.
I plan on making more jam with whats in season. Peach jam, soon I’ll try my hand at homemade apple sauce, pears, and pickles. I’d also like to make roasted red bell peppers. Over the next few months I will have recipes on how to do those things at home.  🙂

Over the past few weeks that I’ve been neglecting my blog I’ve planted a fall crop of basil for pesto, mesclun mix, and parsley in one of the corn beds that didn’t work out.
I would  like to harvest as much basil as possible so I can make pesto and then freeze it in ice-cube trays. It’s a great way to make dinner in a hurry, just pop one out and mix it with a serving of pasta. Also, my mesclun salad mix was delicious this year but I let it get bitter and now it is wasted. Lesson learned.

I decided to grow a ton more of parsley and blend that up with water to freeze in ice-cube trays. It’s a great way to have fresh herbs all the way through winter.

Clearly everything is just fine in the garden. I will be making another post this week (PROMISE) about my community garden plot as well as some before and after pictures.

I hope everyone’s gardens are thriving and no one is getting discouraged. It’s not worth it, especially when your biting into a delicious home-grown Jersey Organic tomato or just snapped green beans. Well worth it.


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