Posted by: JerseyOrganic | June 30, 2011

The Community Garden

It has been a beautiful week here in zone 6B. South Jersey is HOT! Luckily the humidity went away as well as my tomato end rot! Reason to celebrate with the upcoming holiday weekend. With the 4th of July right around the corner, gardens are thriving and starting to bear fruits and vegetables. 🙂

Here are some new pictures of my garden in late June.

Over at the Community Garden of Gloucester Township my plot is looking more and more bountiful. I have decided to let my Baxter Bush Cherry tomatoes grow without pinching off the suckers.
*Lesson- Basically, when a tomato plant grows, it grows as a vine. You will have a main stem and side shoots. In between the main stem and side shoots Suckers grow. I pinch off these suckers when just a few inches, thus leaving my plant with one main vine and side branches. Pinching these off will give you a more manageable plant. I am able to plant my tomato 1.5′  apart because they just grow up bamboo instead of out. My harvest will also come earlier.

                     –  you can see the sucker between the main stem and branch –

I have chosen NOT to pinch off suckers and to just let the plants do their thing over at the community garden because  I would like to see what the differences are in harvest, time of fruit production, and overall growth. As of right now no tomatoes have formed yet. Interesting right?

As for my peppers… they are in pepper heaven! I have come to the conclusion my community plot gets more sun than my garden at home. My pepper plants are bigger, wider, and production more flowers. I have lots of jalapenos already.

Pumpkins are also in full gear at the CG. Although I hope they do not creep into my neighbors plot! I am still unsure if my pumpkin plants are orange pumpkins or gourds? I guess we will see when they start to fruit. All 8 of my so-called pumpkin plants have amazing flower production. I have a feeling I will be growing all of my fall decorations 🙂 Next year I will buy organic seeds and eat them!

Last but not least Corn. I finished all my successions in my Kitchen Garden and finished my seeds off at the CG. They are just a few inches tall thus completing my community garden plot. All I have to do is hope no critters get to them.

The Gabriel Davies Tavern (where to CG plot is) is located in the most beautiful historic site near a waterway. Today I saw a deer about 20 feet away as I watered. As well as turkey vultures, rabbits, groundhogs, and many other animal life rule this pristine area. It’s nice to have an area to escape and be around nature. I just hope they don’t want any of my food 🙂

It’s funny all this hard work over the past six months in my grow room, building the new beds, bringing in dirt, hardening off plants, planting transplants, and constant watering and care… now I just wait. Nothing to do, just wait.

After the holiday I will have a step by step tutorial on pickled jalapeno as well as before and after pictures. A blog on “This is what your plants should look like now”. Enjoy the weather everyone!


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