Posted by: JerseyOrganic | June 23, 2011

First fruits of the season.. with some blossom end rot

Canning aside its time to talk about the  veggies in the garden!

As fruit begins to grow and flowers begin to drop little critters and physiological problems start making their way into your garden; as well as disease, parasites, and pests. Lucky for us there are organic methods to solving these problems.

Good news first- Everything for the most part is doing well. I have little zucchinis that are growing inches every day! Cherry tomato plants have arms of green tomatoes growing. Onions have started bulging out of the ground and tiny string beans have started to show. Even my peppers are bearing small fruits. It is all very very exciting!


The bad news 😦    -Some of my San Marzano tomatoes (aka Roma) have Blossom End Rot and this is very upsetting. : /   As you can see in the pictures following some of the tomatoes are starting to turning brown and black on the bottom part where the flower would have fallen from. I believe the reason for this is the abundance of rain we had here in Southern New Jersey over the past week. These are my first yields of tomatoes and it is not unusual for this to occur. I picked off each “infected” plant and are closely monitoring watering conditions. Remember we want about one inch of water a week. Blossom End Rot or BER is also mainly caused by a calcium deficiency which can be treated with an immediate application of bone meal or some compost tea done both by  foliar application and at base of plants. Hopefully with a little tlc the plants will snap back into shape. If your tomato plants look like this you have Blossom end rot!

Lets not get discouraged if this occurs all we need to do is supplement plants and make them happy! More to come soon.


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