Posted by: JerseyOrganic | May 31, 2011

Memorial day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! A big thank you to all our vets past, present and future for all you have done. This holiday weekend we have accomplished a lot here in the yard.

But first thing first I want to go over a few…errors.  These are errors I think many home gardeners might encounter. I planted my potato bed in front of my string bean bed (which is getting 7 plantings  throughout summer) and my potato bed is growing HUGE potatoes! They are almost 3 feet tall and it is almost June. First problem because I am worried that the potatoes will keep growing and shade my beans. I am also having the same situation with my cukes which are growing in 3 gallon pots up the fence located behind the pepper and bean plants. I am hoping the sun stays high enough in the sky to bathe the cukes and beans in sun without the shade from the other plants. We will see…
How I planted my potatoes:
In case you don’t know I planted my potatoes in a 5×4 bed and when they grew to a foot tall I put another 5×4 box on top and filled it in with dirt. unbeknownst to me, they’d grow another foot almost immediately. I, just today, filled the bed more with weed free straw (which is my main mulch of choice).

Also, as you see in the pictures below I have a stray pumpkin plant growing against the bed. I found 7 and transplanted them out. Three were planted in front of my peas and 4 will be going to the community garden.

Speaking of the community garden this weekend Chuckie and I got out there and tilled then amended soil. I will be planting mid-week! I am very excited.

Like I said, it has been a busy weekend. But to top it all off we were able to put in the irrigation system. This system is crucial; it’s what is going to fuel the entire garden. After multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowes we got about 100 dollars worth of fittings and drip lines and stakes and main lines.. but one hundred dollars is WELL worth it. It would be impossible for me to hand water all these plants. We spent hours running a main line around the garden and are watering from 2 zones. One zone waters the berries, peppers, potatoes, onions, peas, and lettuce and the other waters the corn, jalapeno, beans, cukes and carrots. Each bed has 5 drip lines coming off the main line. These lines drip 1/2gallon per hour every 6 inches. The cukes have 1 gph emitters and I plan on running both zones once a day for an hour. Twice a day when days are over 90 for 30 minutes each. Hopefully this works wonderfully. 🙂


On Monday, Memorial Day, I went strawberry picking and WOW was it hot. After gathering 12 pounds of strawberries I decided to try my hand at some Agave Jam.

I made Strawberry Agave, Strawberry sugar Jam, Blackberry-strawberry, Triple berry with straw, blue, and raspberries and in both agave and sugar. In a few days I will taste test each to try to come up with the best recipes. I hope the Agave Jam works out.. it would be nice to have a treat for those who have to monitor sugar levels and it is a lot healthier. Can’t wait to try them out!


What a great end to the weekend. Beautiful weather and good fun, now back to the grind tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great day!



  1. That strawberry jam looks great! Are you selling it at the salon? If so, I hope there is some left by the time I get there! Keep the posts coming. I am excited to know what happens in your garden.

    • Thanks so much Terri! I will definitly have jam for you 🙂 See you soon

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