Posted by: JerseyOrganic | May 22, 2011

Community Garden Plot

Good news! I was able to score a plot at the new community garden of Gloucester Township. For those of you who don’t know Gloucester Township is a very large township and the community garden just happens to be right around the corner! I’m very excited because it takes literally less than a minute to get there. The garden is located at the Gabriel Davies grounds. I assume there are no chemicals hanging in this soil since the surrounding grass is all weeds. But what a beautiful site; its quiet, gets plenty of sun, and located in a historic spot.

It’s a little late in the season to start a new garden, and we really can’t plant anything for about two more weeks due to the fact that there is no water access yet. I, however will have no problem filling my plot because I know I am going to have extra plants, specifically peppers and Baxter’s bush cherry tomatoes. I also have pumpkins popping up all over my garden. Lesson learned- Do not till in pumpkin without taking out the seeds! But I am not that upset about it because I will transplant a few out and bring to community garden. I also plan on sowing corn and string beans at the new garden. My successions plantings at home will continue through mid-July. Hopefully I can grab a couple watermelons and I’d like to plant some cucumber seeds in pots outside. Hopefully they grow in time to grow properly at the new garden.
The garden plot is about 12×15 and is in the far north-eastern corner. I was hoping for NW but as long as it’s on the north fence I’m not complaining.
Hopefully the irrigation gets done soon as well as the fencing.The fencing is lifted off the ground about a half-foot and any creature could go right through. As soon as that happens I can till and amend the soil. It’s basically ground with a 1/2″ topsoil on top. Not quite a garden yet..I have a lot to do.


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