Posted by: JerseyOrganic | May 19, 2011

Sunny Thursday

It’s a sunny Thursday and I have to get ready for work in ten minutes but I had the early morning to get my pepper plants hardening off. I have some in a simple cold frame I got from Home Depot. It’s not anything special but its a portable light-weight cold frame and is doing the job well. Since it’s around the high 60’s here in zone 6b I was able to leave the lid open about 6 inches to get nice airflow. The rest of the peppers are under a make shift cold frame using old window screens and a round table.

I also noticed my herb garden getting bigger thanks to all the rain this week. Everything is growing well including my first successions of corn and green beans. Here I am using the old screens again to cover my seed beds from my neighbor’s massive tree. It dropped its helicopters around May 3(always on Chuck’s birthday) and I was prepared this year. ; )

I feel prepared for whats going to come as my strawberries ripen, my tomatoes are growing, slowly curling around the bamboo stakes. Beans have grown almost halfway up the border trellis and my grow room houses only zucchini and cukes now! I think it’s officially gardening season.
Off to work!


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