Posted by: Jersey Organic | May 18, 2011

2011 A new garden.

Okay so I summed up last years rocky start. 2011 would be a new year. After HEAVY reading and researching I bought a grow light and dedicated a spot in my basement for a new ‘grow room’. I decided I need to have constant and controlled light if I want to start my plants off right. Grow room- check.

I planted over 100 seeds this year!
-20 jalapeno
-20 bell peppers
-6 festival bell peppers
-7 Sweet Nardello peppers
-10 Pepperoncini
-10 Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes
-10 San Marzano tomatoes
-7  Baxters bush Cherry Tomato
-6 Matina slicing tomatoes
-7 Pickling Cucumbers
-7 Straight 8s cucumbers
-2 Zuchinnis
– and all the herbs youcould imagine

They were all planted on heat mats between the last week in February and April.
In addition, I also planted some things outdoors in early spring.
-60 Pea seeds
-15 square feet worth of carrots
-My first succession of string beans AND corn(2 varieties Golden bantam and luscious hybrid)
-20 yukon gold potato tubers
-20 spanish onions
-bibb, romaine, spinach, and mesclun mix lettuce
In addition I have a strawberry patch and 4 blueberry bushes.
I also took out the composter and starting throwing my compost right into the garden creating a brand new 5×3 carrot garden fresh with a row cover. Also decided it’d be best to grow cukes up my fence and open that bed to string beans.

By the first week in May my basement was a jungle, for real. I hardened off and transplanted my tomatoes outside. Not enough room in the garden forced me to make a separate tomato garden. Backyard is crazy now, people slow down and stare as they drive by. Wonder what the neighbors think.

Anyway transplanting cleaning out my  grow room leaving  about 40 pepper plants and some cukes as well as those baxter bush cherries that didn’t make it out yet. Ahh.
Within the next 2 weeks I plan on hardening off my peppers and getting them out! My herb garden is in full force and now its just a waiting game.

During my free time I decided I would learn how to can. I assume I am going to have an excess abundance of crops. I’m sure I’ll be giving tons away, and the township told me I can sell produce in my driveway, I know I’ll need to preserve somehow. Thanks to Walmart I now have all the materials needed for canning. Right off the bat we successfully canned 4 pints of pickles, 2 pints jalapeno, 2 pints corn salsa, and 7 half pints of strawberry jam. MMM.. so good. Canning- Check.

Now I am just patiently awaiting a phone call from the township. Apparently we are starting a community garden and I want in!

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